Rye, Hastings and Battle – East Sussex

Still feeling adventurous after last Saturday’s trip to Whitstable and Canterbury, we decided to drive out to Rye in East Sussex.   After checking google map, I suggested to Hubby that we stopped at Camber Sands en route as I had seen an episode of Bill Granger’s Tasty Weekends filmed there.   We were in an out of Camber in 10 minutes.   We didn’t get to see the beach and it was unsurprisingly busy, being a Saturday.

Rye is a pretty cobble-stoned town, hilly, where you can spend hours browsing through plenty of antique shops, or while away your afternoon in one of the many tea rooms.

We arrived in Rye just in time for the bear’s afternoon feed.   As we passed by the Apothecary Cafe, I spotted coffee and walnut cake, as well as Victoria Sponge cake on display.   Actually, I stand corrected as Hubby and I spotted them at the same time!  We didn’t need any convincing and walked it.  It was a very warm afternoon but there were ceiling fans to help cool customers down.   We ordered a slice of the aforementioned cakes each, coffee and and a soda for me.    The bear made friends with the man sat behind us, seen in this photo.


We couldn’t get over how old some of the buildings were.   We spotted what was once the Old Rye Grammar School.   The section of the building we entered is now a shop selling secondhand books, CDs and DVDs.



The bear was very excited to be out and about, experiencing yet another new town.


It started to rain so we sought shelter at The Ship Inn.


We were conscious that it was almost 5pm and we had plans to drive through Battle as well as Hastings on our way back to London.    After bidding farewell to Rye, we drove to Hastings.   It was still raining and we decided to drive down to the seafront for a quick look which was pretty much all we did.   The rain came down heavier, and we decided to drive on to Battle, site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings.

Hubby stopped the car and I took photos with my phone.  The Battle Abbey is pictured below.

2013-07-28 Samsung phone 228

Battle is a lovely little town.   Unfortunately, it was raining and rather late for a mooch around as the shops were all closed for the evening.   Definitely warrants a return visit.

The bear was very tired and slept all the way home.   The three of us had a lovely day, despite the rain.   Where to next time?


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