Garden update August 2013

Hubby and I are keen gardeners.   However,  for the last two summers, our garden has been under the sole care of Hubby.   I was pregnant last summer and found it hard to be on my hands and knees for too long.  This year, winter lasted far too long, as did my post-partum joint aches!  In any case, the garden and veggie plot have flourished under Hubby’s care.

Yesterday, we harvested baby carrots and shallots and a solo blueberry.


We have tomatoes aplenty.


Aubergine peeking out at us.



One of our many herb barrels – all of these herbs survived the harsh winter.



Solo courgette flower.


Hardy kale – good soups to be had soon.



Chilli plant – a recent addition.


Well done, Hubby.   In anticipation of another long winter, we’ll have to get our gardening caps on this autumn to plan seedlings and flower bulbs for next summer!



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