Daily dinners in photos – Wednesday

Plagued by a bug yesterday, I pretty much spent half the day in bed.   The poor bear, in turn, was confined to her cot for a few hours as it was the safest place I could put her whilst watching her on the baby monitor from my bed.   I survived on a baguette which I had thankfully bought the day before.   The bear had solids for breakfast and dinner. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give the bear her lunch, and instead, she had a full bottle of milk.

If it wasn’t for this week’s meal plan challenge, I wouldn’t have cooked us dinner.  I couldn’t face salmon, and resorted to a quick roasted squash and sweet potato soup.   Hubby had a bowlful, whilst I managed half.   More for lunch today.  No seasoning was required as the soup was flavoursome on its own.  Perfect for the bear.



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