Dublin, August 2013

The bear went on her first plane-ride last weekend.   We flew to Dublin to catch up with family and to fulfill our craving for Brennan’s bread!

The flight attendants on BA were lovely to the bear, who fussed non-stop during the hour-long flight from Heathrow to Dublin.  It was her bedtime and she was rather tired and in need of her bed.   We took turns to have her on our lap, there were some cries, but once we got out of the plane, she was fine.


The bear was very excited to see her Grampy again.  He bought her a lovely little onesie to remind her of her roots.


As it was our wedding anniversary, we stayed a night at the Radisson St Helen’s and took the opportunity to wander around the city.   We went for a walk down our favourite Grafton Street, and paid Phil Lynott a visit.


We walked further down the street and said hello to Molly Malone.


We went for a big, long walk, passing by many of Mama and Papa’s favourite pubs.


We paid homage to one of Dublin’s famous landmarks, The Ha’penny Bridge.


We went back to Grampy’s for dinner and had a lovely time out in the garden, with a view of the entrance to Slane Castle right in the background.


Lovely, home-cooked meals had and we indulged in Tayto crisps and Brennan’s bread (no photos were taken unfortunately).

A fabulous weekend was had by all and the bear was happier on the flight back to London.   Thank you to Grampy for having us over, and we hope to see you soon.


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