France – Day 2

It was another beautiful morning and this sight greeted us as I drew the curtains back from our bedroom window.

DSC03432Our plan for the day was to set off for Saint-Omer for a visit just after lunch.   We spent the morning entertaining the bear in the apartment.  She’s really finding her feet and has been in great form.   We discovered a mall nearby and bought some groceries and stopped for a quick lunch in a cafe whilst the bear napped in the BabyBjorn.

The drive to St Omer took just under an hour from Saint Leonard.



We got home just before the bear’s dinner time and I started preparing both her and our dinners.   After feeding the bear her steamed carrots, courgettes and potatoes, we tucked into linguine and mussels cooked with white wine, shallots, garlic and tomatoes.   Washed down with a glass of rosé.  Delicious.

DSC03444We decided to drive down the coast to catch the sunset.

DSC03447An ice-cream cone each to finish off the day on a sweet note.



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