France – Day 3

We started off our 3rd day in Saint Leonard with freshly baked baguette, croissant and Danish pastry from our local boloungerie.   The Bonne Maman variety jam jars were from a local supermarket down the road for €2.50 or so.  A steal compared to London prices.

DSC03453My birthday was over a week ago and Hubby knew I wanted a seafood platter for a birthday meal.   He suggested we drive to Montreuil-sur-mer, back to Le Patio where we had a delicious meal two summers ago.

IMG_1235DSC03461The seafood platter was as tasty as I remembered it, this time though, washed down with sparkling water instead of wine.

The town was rather quiet and we decided to head over to Le Touquet to buy a pair of boots I saw on a shop window a few days ago.   Hubby spotted this roo outside a toy shop in Le Touquet.

DSC03464We parked near the promenade and went to check out the view of the beach.  The Aqualud was closed but it was heaving only days ago!

DSC03471DSC03473The bear was in fabulous form and enjoyed the fresh air and sea breeze.

DSC03474As with the Aqualud, the rides were empty.   We would have gone on it had the bear been older.

DSC03478We drove back to Saint Leonard in time for a quick dinner.   After which, we drove to Hardelot Plage for another spectacular sunset.






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