Belgium – Day 5

We’ve been extremely lucky with the weather, or so the locals have been telling us.  Apparently their summer in 2012 was a washout.    We woke up to another fabulous morning and after a quick trip to the baker’s, had breakfast on our terrace.

DSC03516We parked the car on the ring road and walked into Brugge.   Hubby and I were here for a weekend a few years ago and it felt good to be back, this time, with the bear.    Brugge is a Unesco World Heritage site and its sights are truly remarkable.   People are friendly, cyclists make their way around the city with amazing confidence – one would hope that cyclists and motorists will be able to safely share roads in London someday.


There are many squares and canals – it did remind me of another favourite city, Amsterdam.

DSC03558DSC03563I love the Bistro table and chairs in the photo below – as though they were set up for us.

DSC03555The owners of the cottage we stayed in have a lovely restaurant on 30 GarenMarkt called Books and Brunch.   We called in for a much needed drink as the temperature soared to about 30 degrees celsius.

DSC03545We sought refuge from the heat in a lovely park on the way back to the car.

DSC03548We had a lovely afternoon in Brugge and that evening, went for a drive to check out the local beaches at Knokke-Heist and Zeebrugge.  No photos were taken – the bear was very tired and we decided not to take her out of the car.

We did spot an old bomb close to the baker we went to this morning.

DSC03515A lovely holiday had in Brugge.   Next post, back to France and then home.

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