Belgium/France – Final day

The last day of our holiday was upon us.  We checked out of the Atlas Guesthouse in Brugge at 11 am and had a few hours to kill before our scheduled departure on the Eurotunnel at 4pm.   We bade farewell to Brugge and drove on the A18/A16 towards Dunkerque.

Dunkerque is a fairly big town, steeped in WW history.   We drove down to the nearest beach and were tempted to stop for coffee at one of the many beach-side cafés.   The bear was asleep and we decided to let her rest as we had a long journey ahead of us.

DSC03567DSC03571It was almost 1pm, the bear’s lunchtime, and we made our way over to Cite Europe again.  Wise decision, as it started raining soon after.  It was the first drop of rain to hit us in a week.  How apt, at the end of our holiday.

DSC03500We parked ourselves at Flunch – there was free WiFi, ample space for the bear to explore, a salad bar for me, hot meal for Hubby and a lovely strawberry tart to share.

DSC03572We bought some wine and biscuits from Carrefour and made our way to the Eurotunnel.   We missed our train, but got on the next one within 25 minutes.

DSC03575The tunnel crossing took only 35 minutes and we were on the M20 heading to London soon after.  Unfortunately once we hit the city, the traffic was atrocious.  I took a photo of the Canary Wharf skyline from the car.


The poor bear was very unhappy and we sang songs to keep her entertained.  It worked as she did eventually fall asleep.    We finally reached home eleven hours after leaving Brugge.  It was a long and tiring journey but we had a wonderful first holiday as a family of three.




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