Baby update – 10 months

Our little girl is now 10 months old.   At the end of August, we went on a week’s holiday to France and Belgium.   The little bear left London a baby, ate lots of Petit Filous in France,

IMG_0061and returned a toddler.


Baby girl, you finally learned to sit down, though it doesn’t happen very often.

IMG_5153You are actively pulling up on furniture, cruising along our coffee table and futon with full confidence, squirming in our laps when we try to steal a cuddle and finally graduated to proper crawling instead of commando-style.  It is astonishing, yet amazing what a difference a few weeks make in terms of your physical development.

IMG_5116Baby girl is besotted with my laptop and I’m sure if I let her, would send gibberish emails to everyone on my contact list!

IMG_5144Little bear, you are quite the foodie.  If you see us tucking into something, you’ll want it too.  Never mind that you’ve just been fed.   You drink 600ml of milk daily, split into 6 feeds.   You have three meals a day.  Breakfast is a bowl of Weetabix.   Lunch is steamed vegetables and tofu or chicken.  Dinner is the same.  For snacks, you have rice crackers, cheese, chopped up fruit and yoghurt.  Like Mama, you absolutely love bread.  Like Papa, you love potatoes.  We hope you continue to feed well.


We had really good weather towards the end of August, and we made the most of it with regular walks and picnics in the park.    Now that the cold weather is upon is, the park is empty, devoid of kids and families and the ducks have the run of the place!

2013-08-20 12.00.26

You still have two naps during the day – an hour in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon.    You go to bed by 7pm and sleep until 7am (give or take 30 minutes).  Long may this continue.

Mama and Papa had to leave you with a babysitter twice in the last few weeks, for 2 hours.   You were very good for the babysitter, and didn’t stir at all as she minded you in the evening.

Baby girl, you will be starting nursery in November.   That means we’ve only got a few more weeks at home together.  😦

These are your notable points at 10 months:

  • weight – 7.1kg
  • pearly whites – none
  • mobility – crawl, cruise and stand up aided
  • food – milk feeds 600ml, 3 main meals per day, water from sippy cup
  • nappy – pampers size 3
  • clothes – size 6 to 12 or 9 to 12 depending on brand
  • favourite DVD – sing and sign by Sasha Felix (whom we’ve nicknamed the ‘babysitter’)

We love you very much, little bear.  You are very precious to us. xxx




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