Baby update – 11 months old

Dear baby girl, last week saw you turning 11 months old.  Only a few weeks away from the big One!

In the last few weeks, you have really grown steady on your feet.   You continue to cruise around the coffee table, each step more confident than the last, though you keep a tight grip on the table lest you take a tumble.   You are also rather fond of Papa’s LP collection and can often be found browsing through them.

IMG_5208We now realised why you never sat down until you were at least 10 months old.   Sitting on your bum isn’t entirely comfortable and you’d rather sit on your heels.


We’re not sure if you’re ready to walk unaided yet, but you’re happy to be on your feet, changing channels on the telly and leaving cute hand prints everywhere!

IMG_5221Two weeks ago, Mama found you covered in red spots when you woke up from your morning nap.  I took your to see our GP straight away, and it turned out to be a viral fever.  You were poorly for a few days, but thankfully recovered soon enough and back to your usual cheerful self.


We’ve been attending baby music classes at our local children’s centre on a regular basis.   Mama has seen the change in your personality in the last few weeks.   You are happy to leave Mama’s side and play in the centre of the circle formed by other mums and babies.   There are normally books in the middle and you sit there contentedly flicking through the pages.   One day, however, when the parachute was placed over the circle, you got confused and started crying.   Mama called out to you and as soon as you saw me, you quickly crawled over to me and climbed into my lap.  You poor chicken.

You went on your second trip to France last week, this time to the South, on a plane.  It was your second time flying and you were brilliant on the plane.  We understand how difficult it must have been to be confined to our laps when you’d rather be crawling and exploring!

You loved our apartment in Nice, the freedom to explore around the open plan living space.  We visited Ville franche sur mer, Monaco, St Paul de Vence and drove along the scenic Mediterranean coastal route.  We found a little pop-up animal farm in a shopping mall not far from the apartment and visited 3 times to see the lamb, ducks, rabbits, goats and little pigs.  I suspect Mama and Papa were more excited about seeing the animals than you were!

DSC03604You enjoyed eating out as much as we did, sharing our food and even had your first taste of pizza when in San Remo, Italy.   You have a very good appetite and are keen to try anything as soon as you see us eat.  


We are now back home and we’ve only two weeks before you start nursery.   We’ve a few settling in days planned at the nursery which will hopefully ease you, as well as Mama, into the next chapter of our lives.  

These are your key points at 11 months:

  • weight – around 7.5kg (we’ll have you weighed soon)
  • sleep – 7pm to 7am
  • milk – 600ml Aptimil, but we’re going to move you onto organic full fat milk once we get through this last pack
  • food – 3 meals a day, weetabix for breakfast, veggies and tofu for lunch and dinner, fruit and yoghurt for snacks
  • pearly whites – none
  • mobility – super crawler and cruiser
  • voice – loud shrieks as well as cute gurgles.  We can’t wait for you to say Mama and Papa 

We never tire of telling you how much we love you, little bear.   xxx



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