Baby update – 12 months

Dear baby girl,  you turned 12 months old last week.  Happy 1st birthday!

IMG_5438The last few weeks have gone by very quickly.  We came back from our holiday in Nice and soon it was time to start settling you in at nursery.   We started off with short one-hour sessions over the first week.   After dropping you off for your very first session, Mama went for a walk around the block and missed you immediately.   It was a rather stressful week for all of us, most of all for you.   In the second week, you attended 3 half-days.   You caught a cold and became rather poorly.

IMG_5280 You went on your first ambulance ride to our local A&E where you were looked after really well by the doctors and nurses.   We decided to keep you at home to recover and you returned to nursery the following week for full day sessions.

On your 4th week in nursery, Mama returned to work after having been home with you for a year.    By then, you had started getting used to our new routine, as well as your carers at nursery.   More recently, Papa noted that you have a big smile on your face upon entering nursery and you get really excited to see Mama when I come to collect you in the evenings.

During the first three weeks of nursery, you were extremely clingy to us in the evenings, and woke up several times at night needing lots of comforting.   Having a blocked nose for the past few weeks hasn’t helped either, but we’re hoping that you’ll feel secure again,  and will sleep through the night like you used to.

We threw you a lovely birthday party to celebrate you turning ONE.

IMG_5540We invited your little friends whom we got to know from baby music, as well as baby J from Wholefood Harmony.   What is a party without a bit of music and games, so we had a baby sensory session at the party.    You and your friends had fun with maracas, tassles, balloons, bubbles, glow-in-the-dark toys and the adults joined in as well!


The theme of your birthday was Little Miss Sunshine, and to complement the theme, we got you a bespoke yellow tutu and matching hairband.   You looked absolutely adorable.


Since starting nursery, you’ve gained a bit of weight as you do get fed pretty much throughout the day!  You still drink cow’s milk during the day, but you consume more by way of solid food.   Your carer at nursery is amazed by your healthy appetite, and you are keen to try anything on the day’s menu.

You still haven’t got any teeth, crawl at record speed and enjoy cruising around the house.  No sign of you taking your first steps, but we are in no hurry, baby girl.  You recently started clapping hands when prompted and we attribute this development to watching your friends in nursery!

Here are your key points at 12 months:

  • no pearly whites
  • attend nursery 5 days a week
  • happy crawler, cruiser
  • weight around 7.5kg
  • sleep routine changed due to nursery, but we’re hoping to get our champion sleeper back!
  • healthy appetite for food, cow’s milk around 400 ml a day

We’ve had a wonderful year with you, baby girl.  Thank you for fulfilling our lives with your presence.  We love you very much. xxx


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