Baby update – 13 months

Our little bear turned 13 months old recently.

It has been a month of big changes.  Baby girl, you now attend nursery full time, 5 days a week, 8am to 5pm.   You have surprised Mama and Papa with the ease at which you settled into nursery.   You have taken well to your keyworker, made new friends and literally jump out of Papa’s arms when he drops you off in the mornings.  The only downside with nursery is the bugs you pick up on a weekly basis! We’re hoping this is all part of building up your immune system, but it breaks our hearts to watch you fall ill.  You’re a little trooper, though.

IMG_5591Baby girl, you are fast asleep when Mama leaves for work, but you get to spend time with Papa before nursery.  Mama picks you up at 5pm, and we rush home to have quality time before bed at 7pm.  It is a far cry from the full days we had for 12 whole months.   We make the most of weekends – walks to our local park, family meals, goofing around in the living room and just being together.

One of the highlights of the last few weeks was going to your nursery’s Christmas party.    You were dressed up in your party frock which Mama bought months  before your birth!


The party was brilliant, all the kids were excited by the music and games, and you got to meet Santa! 

attachment (4)

The other big highlight over the Christmas period was our surprise visit back to Mama’s home to see Grandpa and Grandma.   You were a brilliant traveller, coping extremely well with the long flight over and back, time difference, the heat as well as humidity.   You quickly became Grandpa’s little buddy, had fun with your little cousins and lots of family.

Our short visit ended all too quickly, but we looked forward to coming back to our lovely little home.   Mama returned to work immediately but you’ve had a few days at home with Papa.  It is back to nursery for you tomorrow, which I suspect you will enjoy as you love being in the company of your little friends.

Here are your notable points at 13 months:

  • pearly whites – very slow growth of one little lower front tooth
  • nappy – size 4 pampers
  • appetite – you love your food! You are keen to share our plates and have a healthy appetite
  • sleep – you are getting decent naps in nursery and sleep from 7pm to 7am, but with interruptions at least twice a week
  • milk – fresh cow’s milk, around 16oz a day
  • mobility – super crawler and cruiser, but you haven’t taken your first independent steps yet
  • words – you have become very vocal with your loud babbles
  • temperament – chilled out, but with a touch of clingy-ness.  You have also started asserting your independence, prompting the nickname ‘teenager’ from Mama

Little bear, we want only the best for you, and we hope 2014 blesses you with good health and plenty of fun.   We love you very much. xxx




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