Baby update – 14 months

Little bear, happy 14 months to you!  This time last year, you were only 2 months old.  Back then we had to line your Baby Bjorn rocker with a thick blanket so that you’d fit snugly into it.

IMG_3585Now,  12 months later, you only spend about 10 minutes each day in the rocker and only in the mornings.

You seem to have accepted that nursery is part of your daily routine.  There have been a few mornings where you’ve cried during nursery drop-off, but your keyworker assured us that the tears never last long.   Nursery in the winter also spells fever, coughs and colds.   You and Mama take turns getting sick every second week, it seems.

Before Christmas last year, you were barely sprouting a tooth, and merely weeks on, you’ve now cut your 5th tooth.  You have your four front teeth, and another one beside your top front tooth.   Some painful weeks had, and more to come, no doubt.

On Friday 24th January,  you took your very first steps.  We missed it as it took place in nursery but you showed us your new skill again when you got home.   You are still more comfortable crawling and shuffling along on your knees, and rarely walk on your own accord.  In your own time, baby girl.

A few weeks ago, we went to Belfast on a day trip to visit your godparents and their little boy, who is also our godson. We flew on the red eye over and back on the last flight.   We spent the whole day eating, drinking tea and catching up whilst watching you and little boy C play.

You making yourself at home in Belfast

You making yourself at home in Belfast

Our trips and outings at the weekends have been limited due to wet and windy weather.    Our trips to the local park have been few and far in between.   Weekends are spent in our cosy little living room, which also functions as your playroom.   We bought you colourful stacking cups which you are enthralled with.

Recently,  7pm to 7am bedtime routine has been erratic due to teething and you feeling poorly.   Mama spoke to other mummy friends and apparently your little friends are going through the same thing at the moment.  Roll on springtime and warmer weather.

Key development points at 14 months:

  • appetite – very good
  • nappy – Pampers size 4
  • mobility – champion cruiser, though have taken your first steps
  • pearly whites – 5
  • words – apart from the first word uttered last month ‘up’, you have not repeated it, but blabber non-stop and are quite vocal
  • sleep – 12 hours straight when in good health!
  • clothes – size 9-12 months

Keep well, baby girl.   Fight the germs and hope your gums don’t bother you for too long. xxx


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