Baby update – 15 months

Dear baby girl, you turned 15 months old on Valentine’s Day.    You made chocolate rice crispies in nursery which was packed in a red wrapper just for the occasion!

You got sick twice in the space of three weeks.  Mama and Papa took turns to stay home with you whilst you recovered. You do enjoy nursery, but we hope your immune system gets stronger as you seem to pick up bugs on a regular basis.  When you were ill, you only wanted to sleep in our arms.  We gave you lots of cuddles and stayed up with you as struggled with fever for what seemed like days.   Thankfully, you did bounce back from it, albeit slowly.


This month saw you discovering the joys of babyccino.   We now get you your own frothy drink which your happily sip with the aid of a spoon.

We bought you a little desk and chairs which came highly recommended by your friend Jemima.   You’re not too keen on the chairs yet, but don’t mind hanging out at the desk, playing with your stacking cups and spoons and Legos.

IMG_5808We’ve started doing weekly art projects, painting mainly which involves you eating your crayons and Mama trying to wipe water colour off our walls before the paint sets!

IMG_5798Baby girl, you continue to have a healthy appetite.  You are learning to feed yourself with a spoon during meal times at nursery, but at home, you continue to eat with your fingers just as you started off through Baby Led Weaning.

IMG_5841The biggest news this month is that you decided to pick yourself up and walk unaided on 3rd March.

IMG-20140306-WA0000There’s no stopping you now, you are literally flying everywhere!   Your steps are quite steady and you take delight in discovering new things within your reach now!  This includes exploring the garden.

IMG_5848This time last year, you were three months old.   See how much you’ve grown?

IMG_3746 Happy 15 months, little bear.  Keep well, and remember that we love you very much. xxx



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