Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

It has been a very busy month, and I was glad when the last of the deadlines were met at work on Friday.  I left work earlier than usual as I was invited to a tea party at the bear’s nursery.   I didn’t take any photos, but the bear and her friend had worked hard all morning and we were served lovely cheese, tomato and nursery-grown watercress sandwiches,  nursery-made scones with butter and jam and strawberries dipped in chocolate.  The delicious food was washed down with iced-lemon tea.

Having spent very little time together in the past 1o days or so, we decided to make this weekend a family one.  On Saturday morning, the bear got us out of bed bright and early. It was a gorgeous day outside, and we decided to head to Primrose Hill via St Johns Wood.    Upon parking the car in SJW, we went in search of coffee.   We spotted a Carluccio’s nearby, not my favourite establishment, but went in against my better judgement.

IMG_5891We ordered a coffee and some toasted Italian bread, wolfed everything down in a blink (which was easy to do as portions are meagre!) as the bear had a meltdown and left just as one of the waiters started tut-tutting.

We walked towards SJW high street and spotted a Pret, which had completely slipped our minds.   Normally on a weekday, I’d snub Pret ( I can’t survive 7 hours on a sambo), but  we fancied a bit more to eat.  Hubby and the bear scored a table al fresco, and I queued up for a sandwich.   We split the sandwich whilst the bear had a tub of yoghurt from home.


Feeling  energised after some grub and the bear much calmer after her earlier meltdown, we went for a stroll.

The bear is rather fond of her spoons, so we let her carry it to prevent further meltdowns.   She is also very petite, therefore getting great mileage out of the Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier.  I bought her hat from Wimbledon last year and it fits perfectly now.

IMG_5904The bear is loving her new-found independence which comes with walking.   She is getting stronger and more confident on her feet.   Think she’s going to do well in future egg-and-spoon races!


A quick cuddle with Mama, and we decide that we’re all too wrecked for Primrose Hill.   We have a lovely garden, so why not head home and chill out there.


After a good night’s rest on Saturday, the bear and Hubby woke up early on Sunday and let Mama have a well-deserved rest.   Except Mama got ready soon after for mass.  It was a lovely service for Mothering Sunday at our local church.   We decided against going out for a meal for Mother’s Day.  It was a nice idea, but with the bear, we tend to eat and run rather than linger.  I decided to cook us seafood paella for lunch, and served the bear a simple vegetable medley.



It was another fine day and we set up our bistro table and chairs on the deck and sipped some wine whilst the bear enjoyed chopped strawberries…


…followed by some horsey-ing around in the garden.


Thank you Hubby and little bear for a wonderful Mother’s Day (and weekend).   We went out in search of fun, but it took us only a little while to figure out that the best fun was to be had at home.


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