Baby update – 16 months

Dear baby girl, you turned 16 months old a few weeks ago but Mama didn’t get a chance to post your update earlier.

It’s been a month since you started walking and you take confident strides.



You are wary of steps and take your time contemplating your move.


  • Sleep – 7pm to 7am on a good night, except when you’re teething or sick
  • Food – you have a healthy appetite and are happy to feed yourself with either a fork or spoon.  Mama no longer feeds you your Weetabix.  You do it all by yourself and refuse to be spoon fed
  • Pearly whites – 6
  • Milk – you have 3 to 6 oz in school (over 2 feeds), 5 oz before bedtime and 4oz for breakfast
  • Temperament – you are very sensitive, wary of new faces, still cry when we laugh (!), and cry to get your own way 🙂 .  IMG_5951
  • You have started to become affectionate, giving us hugs when we put our arms out to you
  • Words – just one, ‘up’, but you now say it when you want to be carried or lifted out of your highchair

Little bear, you spend a full day at nursery, five days a week.  You do lots of activities – singing, dancing, arts and crafts and sometimes even baking.   You run into nursery when Papa drops you off, and your eyes light up when Mama comes to pick you up in the evenings.  Now that the evenings are longer, we have been spending plenty of time playing in the garden, especially after nursery.  You are our budding gardener.


You’ve had your lovely little friends comes over for play dates, which also involve fun and food for both kiddies and parents alike.  Mama sometimes wonders who has more fun at play dates?



Little bear, you enjoy reading books.  You favourite current reads are the Mr Men series.  You still love your stacking cups and lego bricks, but have very little interest in cuddly toys.


Remember that we love you, baby girl.  You bring lots of joy to both Mama and Papa.

Happy sweet 16 months, Sydney Bear.  Lots of love, Mama xxx



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