Baby goes to the beach

We spent an extended Easter weekend in France and took the bear to her first trip to the beach at Le Touquet.  We were there in August last year but felt she was too young then for the beach.

It was a sunny day, albeit breezy at times.    We found a little cafe called Les Pirates on the beach, with very comfy chairs, ordered some drinks and let the bear loose.  I had bought her a new bucket and spade from Zulily recently and she had a blast testing them out.



Papa gave the bear a hand initially.


We brought along her pink sippy cup in case she got thirsty, and she decided to dunk it into the sand!


She got the hang of it soon enough.


Playing in the sand was a whole new sensory experience for the bear.


The bear made sand angels.


All that digging made the bear rather tired, so she stopped for a little rest.


It was a lovely afternoon spent at the beach and the bear thoroughly enjoyed herself.



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