Playdate at Kenwood House

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK.  We had arranged a play date for the girls with our good friends from the Wholefood Harmony at Kenwood House this afternoon.   It was a beautiful day.  Clear blue skies, temperature in the mid to late teens, it was the perfect day for exploring the grounds of Kenwood House in Hampstead.


We met our friends and decided to park ourselves on the green to soak up the sunshine.


The girls had a lot of fun exploring.  They ran, played ball, made friends with other little kids – generally just enjoyed the good weather as did their parents.



We’d brought a small picnic – scones, doughnuts, sandwiches and crisps, steamed veggies for the babies, all laid out on my trusty sarong.


After the picnic, we wandered down towards the pond to see the ducks and geese.   I love the bridge below – the surrounding area was very tranquil.






Great company, the girls had fun out in the open, fresh air, fabulous weather – what a lovely play date!



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