Baby update – 17 months

Happy 17 months, Little Bear, though Mama is a bit late posting your latest update!

I think I need to change the title of your monthly updates from baby to toddler, as you have well and truly entered toddlerhood.  Cue incredible growth spurts, appetite and shock-horror, temper tantrums!

We bought you your first proper walking shoes recently in size 3.5.   I suspect with your recent growth spurts, these aren’t going to last for long.

IMG_5988Your size 12-18 months clothes fit you snugly now.   Most of the clothes in your wardrobe are nursery wears – leggings, tops, bodysuits.  In case you’re wondering why most of your current photos feature you in the same two outfits, that’s because they are weekend clothes and the only time we can photograph you!

Baby girl, you absolutely love being outdoors.    If the weather is good, we spend time in the garden after nursery.   You ‘tend’ to your veggie patch and potted plants.   Once Mama caught you eating topsoil – all part of quality control, no doubt!


We went to France over Easter and you had a ball.   You went to the beach for the first time and absolutely loved it.  Papa wants to get you a sandpit but Mama is worried about bugs!

We checked out of our apartment in France on Easter Sunday,  we found Easter eggs right outside our door!  You had a mini egg-hunt – another first!


We had a play date with your little friend J from Wholefood Harmony recently at Kenwood House.   It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and you were both in top form, running around the park, making friends with other kids and called out to ducks, geese and fish in the pond.


Baby girl, you’ve recently started throwing tantrums when you don’t get your own way, but thankfully the tantrums don’t last long.   We give you lots of hugs to reassure and pacify you which do the trick.

Little bear, have been teething non-stop since forever.   You have 6 teeth – 2 bottom and 4 up, with 2 more growing at snail’s pace, thus prolonging your pain and discomfort.

You spend hours ‘talking’ on the ‘phone’.   Everything works as a phone to you – Papa’s sunnies, your hairbrush, fork, spoon..!

2014-05-05 12.48.41

These are your key developments at 17 months:

  • words – yes (yeh), no (neh), up, jatuh (Malay for fall), uh-oh
  • pearly whites – 6 going on 8
  • sleep – 7pm to 6.30am most days
  • milk – 3 oz in the morning and 5 before bedtime.  You have a bottle or two during the day when not at nursery
  • food – healthy appetite, mostly vegetarian diet
  • nappy size – 4+

Happy 17th months, baby girl.   Stay happy and healthy always.   You’re our best bud.  xxx



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