Of treats and crackers…..

This morning, the bear and I went to mass at our local parish church.   A year ago, this hardly took any effort.  The bear was just a baby then, and she’d fall asleep at the start of mass at 9 a.m. as soon as the first hymns were sung.   No such luck these days.

Please don’t judge me.

I found a pew a third of the way back (but not near the exit, those are naughty pews 🙂 . We are hopefully a few months aware from there).   I sat near the aisle, and placed the bear on my knees.   As soon as mass begun, I felt her fidgeting.  I came prepared.   I opened the zip of her nappy bag,  took out the bag that contained what I hoped would keep her occupied for the next 50 minutes.   Rice crackers.   At the risk of committing blasphemy, they were God sent.  I felt eyes on the back of my head each time I offered the bear one.   The treat worked.  She happily munched away and sat on my lap for the duration of mass.   Not a peep out of her.

We chatted to a mum after the end of mass.   She praised the bear for being so good during the service.  I confessed about the treats.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one.   There was a dad with three young kids in front of us and he had a big carrier bag on the floor.  I took a peek.  He had colouring books, crayons, cookies, breadsticks.  Fancy lugging a picnic to mass.    Our priest once said, religion is caught, not taught.   He is very tolerant of young families but does urge parents to take the little ones out for a break if they got too boisterous.

Afterwards, we went to the shops to buy a few necessities – which included a brand new pack of rice crackers for next week!



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