Toddler update – 18 months

Dear Sydney Bear, you are 1.5 years old now.   You have well and truly outgrown your baby-ness, which propelled Mama to rename your posts to Toddler updates.

We had a very busy month in May.   You and Mama stayed home whilst Papa was away on trips.   We bonded really well – we read books, watched your favourite DVD countless times,  tidied up the garden and you also ‘helped’ Mama cook.

A few weeks ago, Mama bought you a little car to play out in the deck.   You laugh in glee when we push you round and round the deck.   The car has a little storage compartment, where you stow away your worldly belongings – Lego blocks, spoons and half eaten breadsticks.

IMG_6154One recent Sunday, we went to the 100 Aker Wood to visit Pooh’s playground.


We saw Pooh Bridge, but didn’t throw any Pooh sticks.


We had a lovely picnic – baguette, salads, strawberries, trifle and jelly.

Speaking of strawberries,  this is now your favourite fruit.   We have some growing in our garden, and you help yourself to the very ripe ones.


You continue to have a good appetite, and are happy to share our plate when we dine out, which we don’t do often these days, preferring to cook and eat in the comfort of our own home.

Papa taught you to give high-fives, and recently you’ve started becoming very affectionate with us, lavishing us with endless hugs and kisses.



May and June spelt sleep regression for you.   We don’t know what it is, but you’re unable to settle down until past 8pm and waking up several times during the night.   Perhaps it is too warm, or you’re teething, but hopefully this is just a phase, and you’ll revert to your 7pm to 7am sleep routine soon.

We think we’ve heard you utter Mama and Papa.   Your vocabulary is still very limited – up, hat, ouch, uh-oh, yeh (yes), neh (no), shoes (shssss), but you continue to sign well – milk, eat, up, hat, shoes, more, please, thank you, bye…

These are your key development points at 18 months:

  • Appetite – fantastic
  • Milk – around 16 oz a day
  • Pampers – size 4+
  • Pearly whites – 2 bottom, 4 up, another two molars growing, albeit slowly
  • Sleep – 8pm to 7am, with a few interruptions
  • Mobility – steady on your feet, you love running away from us!

Happy 18 months, little bear.   We love you so much. xxx







2 thoughts on “Toddler update – 18 months

  1. She’s SO SO SO pretty! You are sooo blessed! And I feel you about sleep regression. Thing with my little one, is that his sleep never regresses cos he’s never really slept through the night! Lol!

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