Toddler update – 19 months

Dear little girl, happy 19 months! I ask this all the time, but where does the time go?  Look how little you were, this time last year!


You are absolutely loving nursery.   You are still in the baby room, but it won’t be long before you move on to the next class.

You know your mind, what you like, what you don’t like and get very upset when you don’t get your own way! That said, tantrums pass in a matter of minutes and you’re full of fun and mischief again.


We’re having a lovely summer and spend pretty much every evening after nursery playing in the garden.  You see us water the plants with the garden hose, and you insist on helping.  You are fascinated with the solar lamps Papa bought for the garden.   Needless to say, some of them end up in your toy basket.


You are still very affectionate, offering us hugs and kisses and calling us Mama and Papa which never fail to melt our hearts.

You now say bye bye, night night, in addition to Mama, Papa, up, hat, yes, no and your keyworker’s name.

The biggest development in the last week is you’ve started singing, and in tune too.  You hum to wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle little star.  In fact you replaced all the words to wheels on the bus with Mama (Mama mama mama ma, mama ma…) and Papa (Papa papa papa pa….)

You have a healthy appetite, and still enjoy vegetarian food which is what you are served in nursery.  You do eat chicken and fish with us at home.   Your favourite fruit is strawberry.   You also like cream crackers and Rich tea biscuits!


These are your key points at 19 months:

  • Sleep – 8pm to 7am
  • Milk – full fat, around 450ml a day
  • Pearly whites – 2 bottom, 4 up, plus a further 4 growing (2 up, 2 down)
  • Nappy size – 4+
  • Mobility, walk, run and at speed

We love you very much, little girl.  Stay well and happy always xxx



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