In search of sun, sand and sea

London is beautiful when the sun in shining in the summer.   Whilst we were blessed with higher than average temperatures in the city this summer which made for lovely picnics, dinners al fresco and impromptu barbecues, we did crave sea breeze and a day on the beach.

We made a day trip over to Hayling Island and West Wittering one warm Sunday.   Hayling Island was pretty and calm.  The beach was pebbly, which wasn’t great for the little bear, but she did have fun skimming pebbles with Papa.   We enjoyed the fresh air and the bear got very excited meeting cute little puppies.

Lovely beach huts

Lovely beach huts





The bears outfit: Pintuck blouse, bloomers, hat – all from baby Gap.  Snoopy sandals – Zulily.


We drove to West Wittering beach without having done much research.  We followed the signs for the beach and found ourselves trailing lots of cars heading for the same direction.   We ended up in a queue, and at the top of it was a ticket booth charging £8 for parking, cash only.

Having driven so far, we paid the fee, and drove to what appeared to be a massive field converted into a car park.   The place was heaving with cars, caravans and lots and lots of people.   There was no food stall in sight.  Everyone seemed to have brought a picnic or their own portable barbecue.   We walked to the beach and parked ourselves on the porch of someone’s beach hut for a few minutes.   This was no secluded beach.



The bear had fun playing in the sand, but the atmosphere was just to chaotic for us.   We left the revellers to enjoy the beach, and left West Wittering soon after in search of food and quiet contemplation!


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