Toddler update – 21 months

Dear little bear, happy (belated) 21 months.

This has been the most difficult month for us in w while.     You went through big changes in nursery, moving from the baby room to the toddler room.   You missed the comforts of the baby room as well as your fantastic key worker.  Whilst you kept a brave face in nursery, once you got home, you cried non-stop, hysterically and were inconsolable.  Your sleep was interrupted, and you threw endless tantrums.  You stopped giving hugs.  You stopped blowing kisses.  You didn’t like the changes imposed on you, throw in some serious teething as well and it made you a very unhappy little girl.

We comforted you as best as we could.  In the midst of it, we went away on a long weekend to France, and spending quality time together as a family helped, though there were still plenty of tears and tantrums.  So much so that we didn’t really snap many photos whilst away.

Thankfully, you turned a corner last week.   You started enjoying nursery again, running into your class excitedly in the mornings.  You still throw tantrums, but they are not as full blown as they were a few weeks ago.  Our happy little girl is back!


We stayed in our usual accommodation in France.  There was a heated pool, and we decided to take you swimming.  We hunted high and low for a swimsuit and eventually bought one in the Aqualud shop in Le Touquet.   Mama bought you Hellow Kitty floats.   Though you were all set, you hated the water and screamed your lungs out when Papa took you into the pool.   We have a video of you protesting, which may make an appearance at your 18th birthday party 🙂

Little bear, you have grown so much physically in the last few weeks.  Your size 18-24 months clothes are just right, but you’ve outgrown pretty much everything else which is quite a surprise as we’ve always had to go one size down for your clothes.

This is a photo of you at 9 months, this time last year!


You continue to have a great appetite.   You are happy to share Papa’s breakfasts at the weekend – scrambled eggs, wilted kale/spinach and avocado.

You have many words.  Yellow, doggie, ball, bird, red, flower, pen, up, down, all done, more, teeth….

You love singing.   Wheels on the bus, Old MacDonald, Row row row your boat, Wind the bobbin, Tommy thumb, Hokey Cokey….

The summer is coming to an end.   We’ve been to the park many times and your favourite is the slide.  You now fly down solo, which means Mama and Papa no longer have an excuse to slide down with you.  Boo.

Baby girl, we hope you will continue to settle well into your new class in nursery.   May your molars not hurt you much. May you always be happy and content.


Lots of love, Mama xxx



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