Toddler update – 23 months old

Dear baby girl

Mama has been really slow in posting your toddler updates here.   You are days away from turning 2!

The last month has seen incredible growth spurts.  Didn’t Mama just do a big shop for your clothes recently? I think we’re going to have to wear them quick as I suspect they won’t fit you for too long.


You are at your chattiest in months.  We hear new words every day.  I don’t know how you know Peppa Pig and Iggle Piggle as we hardly have the telly on at home.  Just this afternoon when you woke up from your nap, you pointed at Mickey Mouse and said MamaMouse.  I’ve never heard you say that!!

You still love nursery.  You have lovely carers and friends.  Recently we were advised that your table manners were slipping.  Apparently you were refusing your food, removing your bib and rocking your chair during meal times.  🙂

We had granddad over for a visit a few weeks ago, and we paid him a visit in Ireland just last week.  You had a ball getting to know him.  You’re still not a great flyer, but then again the air pressure on the plane over and back even affected Papa, and you’re just a little bear.

You’re a very sensitive bear, and cry at a drop of a hat.  You don’t like to be told ‘no’.  Mama has started spelling words out when speaking to Papa, much to his amusement, so that you don’t pick up on words such as car, raisins, popcorn…

Little girl, we love you very much, and look forward to celebrating your birthday week with you. xxx



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