Happy 2nd birthday, little bear!

Dear little bear, you turned two years old last week.  Where did the last year go?


Both Mama and Papa took a day off on your birthday.  After a lovely breakfast of homemade pancakes and strawberries, you went to nursery to spend the day with your little friends.  Mama and Papa kept busy baking and tidying up the house in preparation for your party the next day.

The theme for your party was nautical, although we didn’t really go full-fledge on it.  Mama made your birthday banner and tissue pompoms in blue and pink.  We found you a little dress with blue and white stripes, and a pink sash.


We had lovely board books, Play Doh, raisins, crayons and colouring books as party favours for your friends.


Mama had no time to make your cake this year, so we had one ordered from a local bakery.  It was a vanilla and strawberry cake with fresh cream.  It was light, spongey and absolutely delicious! We went back to the bakery this week to thank them for such a delightful cake.


This is what we served at your party:

  • Margherita pizza (Pizza Express)
  • Falafel
  • Hummous, breadsticks, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Artichoke, roast peppers and pesto pastry
  • Vegetarian samosa
  • Cocoa brownies
  • Lemon drizzle cupcakes
  • Juice and water

The artichoke pastry was a surprise hit.  I used ready roll puff pastry and topped it with deli ingredients.


We had baby sensory activities similar to last year.


Your little friends certainly enjoyed the music and activities!  You stayed close to Papa and happy to watch from his lap.


You received lots of presents from our generous friends and spoiled by the attention! Well deserved. It was your birthday after all.

Here’s a photo of you from your first birthday.


Happy birthday little bear.  We hope you enjoyed your special day. xxx


4 thoughts on “Happy 2nd birthday, little bear!

  1. Happy birthday to your little sweet daughter! She’s such a beauty! And I really like the name banner that u made! Did u follow a tutorial or something?

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