Please say hello…

It has been a quiet few months on the blog front.

Truth be told, I’ve run out of things to say.


I downloaded Whole30 onto my kindle reader sometime in August and incorporated their recipes into our daily meal plans.  Rice, carbs, grains, lentils no longer feature heavily in our diets.  When done right, I feel well and healthy.  We still do indulge in our favourite pizzas, fish and chips, cakes, milky coffees (I’m on the quest to find a Mocha as good as the one sampled in Bordeaux), but it is easier to get back on the wagon knowing that good, healthy food doesn’t take too much effort.  Just a bit of planning.  But I wear many hats and sometimes wish someone else would do the planning.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the service of a chef?  Our meals are on high rotation.  Apart from the annual christmas cake and pudding, I have more or less stopped baking.  My collection of cookbooks is collecting dust.  I fear there are no more cooking adventures to chronicle.


2014 saw us make three trips to France.  Twice to St Leonard and another to Bordeaux.  There were two visits to Ireland – one, a flying day trip, and another, a leisurely long weekend where we were spoiled by hospitality, love and delicious home-cooked food.  The lack of trips to/from Asia left me feeling severely homesick.


The bear (who turned two in November), is a gorgeous child.  She is going through the terrible-twos at the moment (or has been for a while), and it is challenging to say the least.  I read this book a few months ago, and it has helped me see her little world through her eyes.  Her dad and I have very different parenting styles, she knows this and works it to her advantage.  We both work full time, and time is one luxury we struggle with.  Time spent with the bear is so precious that I don’t want to spend much of it shouting like a fish-wife.  This leads to a lot of mum-guilt on my part, but we cope as best as we can. She absolutely loves her nursery, teachers and friends so feel that this is the best place for her.

I’ve had this blog going since August 2009, and never have I felt so jaded about writing.   I’ve kept this blog very private – only a handful of my friends know about it, and even then don’t know the URL.  If you are a reader, please drop by and say hello.  Do let me know what you enjoy(ed) reading and what you’d like to see posted.  I would be disappointed in myself for letting the blog go, and would love to be inspired again.


6 thoughts on “Please say hello…

  1. Hello!

    Please don’t stop blogging altogether – I have enjoyed reading about your family life and meal plans. Your photography is fantastic (especially the gorgeous little Bear!) and all your travel photos make me wish I could immediately be there. The Whole 30 programme sounds interesting – I had a quick look at their site – but it also looks VERY difficult. Maybe you could blog about some of your experiences with it, what you found easy, hard, etc and how on earth you manage to meal plan with such a restrictive list of ingredients. Take care, hope you find inspiration soon.

  2. It’s so easy to lose your blogging mojo, I know I have numerous times, but keep writing, keep sharing, if not for readers then for your future self and Bear’s future self – we had a blog for our eldest when she was born 8 years ago, but it was a pain/time-consuming to keep on top of, and so we let it go, and I regret not keeping note of all her little quirks and changes over the years. I hope you manage to stay motivated to keep writing. Good luck! x

  3. Please in the name of all that is holy don’t stop the blog. Firstly it gives great ideas for food and dare I say even inspires me to try some of the receipes, with varying degrees of success. Secondly, it saves me a fortune in texts and calls cause I know whats going on with ye, (poor excuse for lack of contact I know). Thirdly, I find it interesting and do miss it when there are no updates.

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement, Stavros. I hope your parents do supervise when you cook, whether using my recipes of otherwise. It certainly is poor excuse for lack of contact, haha! Stop by soon and let me know if you’ve had any success with any of the recipes.

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