Toddler update – Happy 2.5 years old

Dear little bear

They say the days are long, but the years are short and this certainly resonates with us where you’re concerned.  Happy 2.5 years, baby girl.

Here you are at 1.5 years old – a photo taken in May last year.


A few months ago, you referred to yourself as Ibobol.  We remind you about it from time to time.  One recent afternoon, I said ‘Ibobol, come here please’, and you were quick to correct me ‘Mama, not Ibobol, it’s Isbel (your current pronunciation of your name)! Yesterday when I was undressing you, I said ‘take off your shoes please’ and again I was corrected ‘It’s slippers Mama, not shoes’. Well, excuse me bossy boots 🙂


Little bear, you are as sensitive as ever. Even the slightest telling off sends you into floods of tears.  You are ever so contrary – headstrong one minute, loving the next, assertive of your independence and yet seek and cling to us if we are out of your sight for too long.

You do say the funniest things … we were in the garden a few weekends ago and you came running to us shouting ‘Mama, Papa, what are you doing, come inside!’ You are constantly telling us you like ‘dogs, rabbits, camping, cheese, strawberries…’ One evening, Papa picked you up from nursery. Once you arrived home, Papa did something which didn’t meet your approval and you apparently said ‘I will tell Mama’. Haha, atta girl!


You still have a good appetite and are happy to eat what we eat.  I credit baby-led-weaning for your adventurous palette, though you still prefer a vegetarian meal over meat.  However, despite Mama waxing lyrical here, if asked about your favourite food? Your response never fails to be ‘Cake, chips, beans, pizza and ketchup!’ *face palm*


You are a very active child.  Meals out are kept short as once you are done with your food, you’d rather run around and explore.  We’ve had two mini breaks this year and both times we opted to drive.  I’m not sure we’ll fly anywhere this year. Well, until you lose the ants in your pants at least…

Your favourite tv shows are Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly, Thomas the Tank Engine and In the Night Garden.  I’m pleased to say that you still love books, enjoy reading and being read to.

You are afraid of loud noises – cue tears when the hoover/hairdryer/floor steamer/blender/mixer is turned on.  We have let your hair go uncut as I’m not sure how you’d react to a visit to the hairdresser! We’ll make a Rapunzel out of you, sans the solitary confinement in a castle (though Papa might change his mind in your teens).


We love you very much and you’ll always be our little bear.


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