A week in France

We have a long standing love affair with France and try to spend our holidays there.

Our Easter trip was far too short, therefore another beckoned soon after.  Amidst the chaos at the Eurotunnel at the end of June, we were lucky to have a stress-free journey to Calais and back.  We were extremely blessed with good weather, for the day time temperature averaged between 20 and 30 degrees during our stay.

Soaring temperatures meant one thing – beach time! The Bear was thrilled that she could finally ‘go holiday, build sandcastles’.

We had breakfast and dinner at the apartment daily.  Eating out with the Bear can be challenging.  She wolves down her food and expects us to leave right away.  Many half eaten meals have been left behind in order to prevent toddler meltdowns! We did enjoy some lovely desserts, but kept coming back for more strawberry tarts.

We saw some stunning sunsets…


…clouds which reminded us of cotton wool,,.



We also made a quick visit to Brugge so that the Bear can see some ‘horsies’ which she spotted back in Easter.

If you think the Bear is gorgeous, here’s a shot of her mid-tantrum, with Carre-Four dinosaur next to her.


The Bear’s been asking everyday when we’re going on ‘holiday, build sandcastles’…

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