The Dinosaur and Science museums

One fine Sunday morning, we woke up and asked ourselves ‘what shall we do today’ (loosely translated, let’s not bother with dishes, laundry, cooking).

Early Sunday is a good time of the week to drive into London. Most on-street parking is free.  We drove to South Kensington and found a spot fairly close to the Natural History Museum. It was my first time there, as it was the Bear’s.

The queue didn’t look to bad. It was a beautiful morning and we soaked up the sun and people watched.


After 10 minutes, we found ourselves at the front of the queue, and made a beeline into the museum.  The only dinosaur the Bear has seen is on telly, being George’s toy one in Peppa Pig! We were concerned that she might be frightened, but she took it all in her stride.


She wasn’t overly impressed by the turtle.


But this one left us all in awe….


The museum became really crowded, which upset the Bear.  Time for a quick pick-me-up before the next museum.


One of my friends had visited the National Science Museum with her boys recently and recommended the basement where the kids’ play area is.



After an hour of play, we convinced the Bear there were more fun things to see in the main museum.




We bought a fairy wand for the Bear from the gift shop before calling it a day.  Well worth a visit to both museums.



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