Easter weekend round up

Having spent the last two Easter weekends in France, staying home in London made a nice change.  In true British weather fashion, we had plenty of rain and high winds thanks to storm Katie.  However, we made the best of having time off work and nursery.

Movie date

The Bear and I went to see Zootropolis at the cinema.  Her verdict: Loud and scary at times, but the bunny was kind.  We had sushi followed by frozen yoghurt after.  A lovely little date.

Play dates and afternoon tea

The long weekend was an opportunity to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in ages.  We hosted back to back play dates and afternoon tea.  The Bear had a great time playing with her little friends whilst us adults caught up on news.

Easter egg hunts

The clocks went forward by an hour on Easter Sunday but it didn’t stop us from waking up extra early to see what the Easter bunny had left us.  The Bear was excited and amazed with her haul.  We may have had plenty of chocolate for breakfast….



On the Monday, we were invited to afternoon tea and an egg hunt by one of the Bear’s friends.  The weather held up and we had a lovely time finding Easter eggs hidden in nooks and crannies in the garden.


The Bear went back to school this morning (Tuesday).  I was sad that our little holiday had come to an end, but pleased when I heard her tell her teachers had a lovely weekend she had over Easter.

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