1st quarter round up

We’re almost through the first ninety one days of the year.  I’ve been consciously mindful of my life of late, rather than living on auto-pilot.  Here is a recap of the first quarter of 2016.

The Bear

The Bear is 3 years and 4 months old now and growing up very quickly.  I signed her up for Baby Ballet in early January.  She did enjoy dressing up and looked adorable  in her ballet outfit but didn’t really take to the teacher nor the lessons and ended up looking out the window or sometimes lying on the floor! We’re going to try another class in April, a drop in, pay as you go which gives us the option of pulling out if it just isn’t right for her.



The Hubby ruptured his Achilles tendon in early February and is now into week 7 of his recovery.  He opted out of surgery, favouring the conservative healing method.  He had his cast removed two weeks ago and has been wearing a special boot since.  We’ve just seen his consultant and figure it will be another few weeks before he can begin his course of physiotherapy.


If you’ve been following this blog for a number of years, you would know of my fear of driving.  Since Hubby’s foot injury, I’ve taken over the driving but have kept it fairly local.  I am very fearful of motorways and dual carriageways and haven’t driven on the former nor intend to for a while, much to Hubby’s dismay! But we’ve been managing ok so far.


It has been relatively cold still for any decent gardening to be done.  I ordered vegetable seeds from moreveg online and have tomato, courgettes, cucumber and french bean seedlings growing indoors.  Once mild weather is here to stay, I’ll transfer them to the vegetable plot and hopefully enjoy some lovely harvest later in the summer.



There are days when I struggle with energy to cook after a long day/week and we opt for take-aways.  Sadly, options are quite limited where we live and the food never is good value for money.  That said, I’m not a superwoman and it is a case of if needs must.  A few mum friends recommended some good recipes for easy week-night dinners.  I found lamb chipolatas in M&S recently and cooked our first (believe it or not!) bangers and mash.IMG_7951.JPG

I’ve just ordered a slow cooker which I hope will serve us well.



Recent reads on my Kindle:

I’ve been a bit slow on the reading front as dropping off the Bear to nursery involves getting a later, busier, standing-room only train which has no room to swing a cat let alone read.


I tried lunchtime yoga in the city twice but that came to a stop once I started getting to work late post nursery run.  I discovered Yoga with Adriene but just haven’t figured out when to fit the work out in as yet.  I do my best to attend a local pilates class on a weekly basis but this is as structured as it gets.  I gave up treats (sweet and savoury – bar cream crackers) for lent (6 1/2 weeks) and I am ashamed to admit that I missed them very much! That said, despite the take-outs, we’ve been making a conscious effort to keep moving and be mindful of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  The Bear keeps us busy and constantly on the go (though at a much slower pace for Hubby given recent foot injury).


We’ve had some time off work over Easter and had to cancel our visit to France.  It hasn’t been all that bad staying at home.  It is nice to have a break from the awful commute on the tube during rush hour, to be able to meet friends for a coffee and catch up and for the Bear to spend a shorter day at nursery.  Hopefully holiday planning will resume later this year.

We’ve had a busy quarter and managing well with the unexpected turn of events.  Here’s to a second quarter filled with better health and hopefully warmer weather!





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