Gcroft is a 30-something woman living in London, whose secret ambition is to be a puppeteer.  The only people who find her puppetering amusing are her mum and hubby, although both have advised her not to quit her day job.

Gcroft developed a passion for food in her late twenties. She was a slow starter, having had a poor relationship with food when she was growing up. She was hopeless in the kitchen as a teenager, having fried her first egg with at least a cup of oil (!) when she was 13. Her mum wrote her off as being a lost cause, but has since changed her mind.

Gcroft tries to maintain a balance between tasty and healthy food in her cooking. She was inspired to cook by watching Bill’s Food.  Gcroft has a big phobia about baking, which she hopes to overcome someday soon.

Some random bits about gcroft:

3 of gcroft’s favourite cities:

  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Amsterdam

3 of gcroft’s favourite desserts:

  • Tiramisu
  • Strawberry pavlova
  • Banoffee pie

3 of gcroft’s favourite breakfast dishes

  • Nasi lemak
  • Chee Cheong Fun
  • Porridge (be it oats or asian congee)

3 of gcroft’s favourite tv shows:

  • Grey’s anatomy
  • Ugly Betty
  • Private Practice

3 of gcroft’s favourite drinks:

  • A good Sauvignon Blanc
  • Leffe Blonde (draft)
  • Cosmopolitan

3 of gcroft’s favourite food:

  • raw oysters served with a squeeze of lemon juice and tobasco
  • noodles
  • good roast chicken

3 of the best concerts gcroft has been to:

  • George Michael at Wembley Stadium
  • Robin Thicke at Madison Square Gardens
  • Coldplay at the Point Depot

3 of gcroft’s favourite authors:

  • Amy Tan
  • Dan Brown
  • Jeffrey Archer

7 thoughts on “Gcroft

  1. gcroft, your receipes look fantastic, you are giving me great inspiration & also making me hungry! you & hubby are welcome to visit us in the Slieve Blooms anytime, just dont expect fine dining from my hands!!!!

  2. Hi

    I’m with a children’s textbook publisher in India. I was wondering if we could use your wonderful photo of a Christmas pudding, seen here:, in a book for 7-year-old children. We intend to use the photo, only if you kindly permit us, merely to tell children about Christmas celebrations.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. wish you all the best in you ambition to become a puppeteer. For me what matters is that you love and enjoy what you do and it makes you happy. Wish you a lovely weekend!

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