Garden harvest

IMG_1114.JPGThe above is in fact our second salad harvest in the space of a week – kale, chard, rocket,spinach, lettuce and mangetout.  Lovely, earthy freshness!


End of winter garden update

Having had enough of grey and general dullness, I went into the garden in search of colour, hoping for a surprise bloom from forgotten bulbs.  The last time I tended to the garden was last summer therefore I wasn’t overly optimistic…

Some greens in the neglected veggie plot – spinach, mizuna and rhubarb.


Amongst the, for lack of a better word, wilderness, I did indeed find a small splash of yellow and purple.


I bought a bundle of daffodils from the shops for a £1.  The previous purchase lasted just under a week, so not to shabby for the price.


It was a rather nippy day rendering gardening activities almost impossible for those with a very low tolerance for the cold.  Though I did prep trays and planted some veggie seeds.  More on that in the coming weeks should today’s efforts prove to be successful.

Garden update – flower patch

We had lovely tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in the flower patch over springtime.


Once the blooms had passed and I took my eye off the patch, we ended up with Borneo in our backyard.


Two delicious scones earlier gave me the motivation to sort out the above mess.  The bear and I went to a local plant sale, stocked up on petunias, geraniums and the like.  But first, a big tidy up had to be done, but I did have a little help from the bear.

Three hours later….



I spruced up an old hanging basket.


That is just scratching the surface.  There is plenty to be done in the garden and what we need is fine weather next weekend.  Here’s hoping.

Garden update August 2013

Hubby and I are keen gardeners.   However,  for the last two summers, our garden has been under the sole care of Hubby.   I was pregnant last summer and found it hard to be on my hands and knees for too long.  This year, winter lasted far too long, as did my post-partum joint aches!  In any case, the garden and veggie plot have flourished under Hubby’s care.

Yesterday, we harvested baby carrots and shallots and a solo blueberry.


We have tomatoes aplenty.


Aubergine peeking out at us.



One of our many herb barrels – all of these herbs survived the harsh winter.



Solo courgette flower.


Hardy kale – good soups to be had soon.



Chilli plant – a recent addition.


Well done, Hubby.   In anticipation of another long winter, we’ll have to get our gardening caps on this autumn to plan seedlings and flower bulbs for next summer!


Garden update – September 2012

Hubby was bitten by the gardening bug this year and I was happy to hand over my collection of colourful gardening gloves.  He bought loads of pots,  plants, built sleepers and troughs and spent many weekends gardening away.  

Whilst our garden took on a neater look, we weren’t too lucky with produce due to the cold, wet and unseasonal weather we had until mid-July.   Thankfully, August was a lovely month and September hasn’t been too bad.   We have a good collection of tomato plants, some bought, some planted from seeds.  They have now started ripening, and we’ve been enjoying plum and cherry tomatoes in our salads.  See the photo below? Hubby built sleepers at the end of the garden.  We decided not to paint the fences on either side.

 Hubby’s prized herbs. Rosemary, parsley, thyme, mint, sage and dill.

We’ve harvested some lovely patty pans – seeds were from

We decided to plant most of the vegetables in pots this year as the slugs destroyed the plants in the veggie patch last summer.

Some lovely plum tomatoes to look forward to.

I can’t remember whether these are Beefsteak or Licatese tomatoes.  Either way, I can’t wait to tuck into them.

Are there any keen gardeners amongst the handful of readers who visit this blog? I’d be interested to know if you grow any veggies during the winter and how do you protect these lovely summer plants from dying.

A big thank you to Hubby for your gardening efforts this summer.  Who knows, maybe Syd might be blessed with green fingers like Pappy too.

Autumn harvest

I had been neglecting my garden for over a week now.  A cold front moved in on Wednesday, putting an end to our Indian summer where temperatures soared to just under 30 degrees for a week. 

After my driving lesson today, I went to check on my plants.  My tailbone was aching from having sat in the car for an hour and I needed to stretch my legs.   The pepper and basil plants in my growhouse had withered so I revived them with water and miracle-gro.  The vegetable patch didn’t look too good either.  My courgette plant, once wild and vibrant with flowers looked a sorry sight.  There were some tomatoes growing, but my cucumber plant which was sprouting 2 little cucumbers last week looked extremely withered and you could tell that the little cucumbers weren’t going to make it.

I lifted the tunnel where i have leaves growing, and to my surprise, the swiss chard and spinach plants looked healthy and ready for harvest.    The squash looked the same size as it did a month ago. 

I caught the tail end of a gardening program on BB2 yesterday, and the man on the show said that if anyone’s out in the garden over the weekend, do nothing.  If the weather happens to be good, pull out a chair and enjoy the weather, for there is little else you can do once the weather turns.  I heeded his advice, and did what I think is my final harvest for the year.

Front row: dwarf beans and runner beans

Back road L-R: swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, curly kale

Almost too pretty to eat.  I’m living off takeaways this weekend as am home alone, but I hope to make a big pot of minestrone tomorrow and I think the vegetables would go well in it.