Playdoh gingerbread men

IMG_1093The bear kept busy with playdohs this morning.  She excitedly beckoned me over to see the fruits of her labour. Quite creative, I must admit. Apparently the green gingerbread is for me, Pandan flavoured.  She knows me well.



I discovered I wasn’t the only one to stock up on comfort food yesterday.  On my back home from the chiropractor, I bought a chocolate cake, HD cookies and cream and a packet of pretzels.  A friend texted me to say she had bought something chocolatey for herself and a colleague mentioned carrot cake to me this morning.  Winter blues, folks.

Anyway, I digress.

Once we got home from school today, I cut the Bear a slice of chocolate cake and left her to tuck in whilst I went back into the kitchen to get myself a slice.  I joined the Bear a few minutes later and she handed me her plate which – the cake was half eaten.  Thinking she was full, I took the plate off her as she said, ‘you have it, Mama’.  Aww, how sweet, I thought.  Until I saw her make a beeline for my plate. … !


Lellow Sumbarine

The Bear is growing up way too quickly.  The baby-ness is fast disappearing.  We don’t spend enough time during the day to notice the gradual shifts in her behaviour and vocabulary.  Instead it is all a bit binary.

The Bear’s grasps of words is endearing.  Blanklet instead of blanket, cubumber instead of cucumber and our favourite, lellow instead of yellow.

The Hubby played Yellow Submarine on the iPod yesterday which prompted a spontaneous sing-a-long by all.

We all live in a Lellow Sumbarine, Lellow Sumbarine, Lellow Sumbarine….

Please Bear, I know you’re keen to grow up but can we just hold on to Lellow for just a bit longer?

 Taking the biscuit…

We received an email from the Bear’s nursery last week reminding us to provide them with patch tested, well labelled sun creams ahead of imminent warm weather.

I obliged and the Bear didn’t have any bad reactions to the new cream (a factor 50 from Boots).  Hubby delivered said cream during the nursery run yesterday morning.

I was in a training course at work this week where coffee breaks meant tucking into lovely biscuits. I didn’t get to finish them and tucked the pack away in my bag.

Hubby SOS’ed me whilst I was on the train home yesterday evening to ask if I could collect the Bear from nursery as he was stuck in traffic. Luck was on our side as I just happened to be 15 minutes away.

I was delighted to see the Bear.  After a lovely cuddle, we set off hand in hand. As we turned the corner, she started crying, insisting we turn back for her new sun cream. There was no reasoning with the Bear. The new sun cream is for school, Mama will get you one for home. Noooooooo, waaaaahhh. She was inconsolable. So we turned around, me knowing full well that school was closed as I saw someone lock the door and drive away.  We ended up sitting on the nursery steps for 5 minutes whilst the Bear had a full blown tantrum.  I couldn’t connect to Uber either. With no other choice, I stood up and told her firmly that I was going home and started walking. Cue screams. 

Then I remembered the leftover biscuit in my bag… 

It worked a treat. Sun cream forgotten. Tears stopped. All was well again. 

The next time you politely decline the offer of that extra biscuit, think again.  Don’t underestimate the healing powers of a lemon puff! 

First haircut 

Another long overdue post..

At almost three years old, the Bear still hadn’t had a haircut.  I was worried she wouldn’t react too well to it and therefore kept putting it off.

I finally bit the bullet and booked her an appointment at my hairdresser.  My dad was worried she’d be subjected to a crew cut!

Kudos to the hairdresser who put the Bear at ease with constant praise.  We asked for her hair to be taken up to shoulder length. I may have blinked back tears…

The before shot..

The Bear was as good as gold..

 And was rewarded with a lolly by the hairdresser.  Said lolly is still in my purse!

The after shot..

A recent snow day

A rather long overdue post…

A good few Sundays ago, it snowed overnight and the Bear awoke to find our garden covered in some fluffy ice… 

  It was her first proper snow day and she excitedly begged us to go out and play.  Wearily (folks, it was 7.30am on a Sunday, the height of our lie in). I kid. We were very excited for her. Bundled up in warm clothes, the Bear set out to explore…
Soon, Papa and the Bear began making a snow man.  Mama helped with props.

Examining her handiwork, aptly christened Olaf.

Most of the snow melted away later that afternoon, but remnants of Olaf remained for a few good days.