I discovered I wasn’t the only one to stock up on comfort food yesterday.  On my back home from the chiropractor, I bought a chocolate cake, HD cookies and cream and a packet of pretzels.  A friend texted me to say she had bought something chocolatey for herself and a colleague mentioned carrot cake to me this morning.  Winter blues, folks.

Anyway, I digress.

Once we got home from school today, I cut the Bear a slice of chocolate cake and left her to tuck in whilst I went back into the kitchen to get myself a slice.  I joined the Bear a few minutes later and she handed me her plate which – the cake was half eaten.  Thinking she was full, I took the plate off her as she said, ‘you have it, Mama’.  Aww, how sweet, I thought.  Until I saw her make a beeline for my plate. … !



Splish Splash Sunday!

After a rather breezy Saturday, the forecast for Sunday was fine and sunny.  We bought a paddling pool from Homebase months ago and it was the perfect day to put it to use.  We had a foot-pump from yonks ago which came in handy.  Once inflated, we set it up on the lawn, filled it up with a bit of water and invited rubber duckie to join the Bear for a splash.


When we were in France last year, I bought the Bear some Hello Kitty floats which we inflated for use as well.


We were apprehensive about how the Bear would take to the water as she wasn’t too fond of the pool when we were in France last summer.  Fortunately, she took to it like a fish to water and splashed around all afternoon.


We bought her swimming cosie from the Aqualud shop in Le Touquet last year which now fits her well.


What’s a pool party without some treats?  We stocked up on lovely cakes – vanilla slice, black forest gateaux and mille feuille from a local bakery.  They went really well with a pot of Barry’s tea.


Followed by a delicious glass of Pimms and lemonade with mint from the garden.


A view of the house taken from the back of the garden.


It was a really relaxing Sunday afternoon. Here’s to a warm summer and plenty more splish splash Sundays!

Blink and it’s over – May

May, a month of two bank holidays, came and went by in a blink.

We went to Canterbury for the first bank holiday weekend, a much needed break for all of us.  We naively promised the bear that we’d play on the beach and build sandcastles. However, the beaches we found were pebbly and the weather didn’t permit much beach-time anyway.


It wasn’t a good month health-wise.  I battled a chest infection, that lasted weeks and I had to resort to antibiotics and an inhaler to get me back on track.

Things haven’t been great at work for the past few months and some decisions had to be made.  I read several books to help me get to grips with impending changes.  The following were very helpful reads:

  • Who moved my cheese – recommended to me by my chiropractor whose ears I’d been chewing for the past few months over my predicament at work
  • The Happiness Project – i put to test several hints and tips from the book which worked wonders, both at work and in my personal life

I also read the latest book from one of my favourite authors, Amy Tan’s The Valley of Amazement.  The story really tugged at my heartstrings.

I went to an art exhibition, Art of a Nation to view AIB’s private art collection at the Mall Galleries.  It was a lovely, warm evening in London.   I also received complimentary tickets for Paul McCartney’s gig at the O2 which coincided with the second bank holiday weekend.  I went without any expectations and was simply bowled over by Macca’s showmanship.


One the lurgies had passed, we all pitched in and tidied up the garden, the Bear included.


May came to an end with good news on the job front, with a new chapter starting in July.