Meal plan w/c 2 January 2017

We have eaten really well over the last few weeks.  Chocolates and other treats aside, having time off work meant more time to cook up decent meals at home.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed most over Christmas sitting down to dinner as a family of three.

It’s back to work and school tomorrow.  The Bear gets breakfast, lunch and tea in nursery so she normally isn’t hungry for much when she gets home.  Just some fruit or a biscuit.  I’ll see what she asks for tomorrow evening.

Here is the our meal plan for the week. A bit of a cheat’s plan as I have some leftovers in the freezer from the weekend.  I’ve also included tonight’s dinner in for the sake of completeness.

  • Monday – lamb rogan josh, okra stir-fry, basmati rice
  • Tuesday –  leftover pasta bake (inspired by a Bill Granger recipe from Bill’s Basics – ricotta, kale, lobster, homemade pistou)
  • Wednesday – jacket potatoes and leftovers (chili con carne, puy lentils casserole)
  • Thursday – meal out (Gramps is visiting)
  • Friday – homemade veggie broth (black-eyed beans, kale, carrots, celery)

My new office is lacking in kitchen amenities, therefore I have been spending far too much on eating lunch out.  I’m not a coeliac but do struggle with bread.  And don’t get me started on Pret coffees.  So easily done first thing in the morning on the way into work, especially if you are an early riser (5.30am) like me.   So, I’ve bought a big box of Special K to bring into work tomorrow.  Lunch packed and in the fridge (quinoa salad).  Three days a week at least.  The closest I’ve come to making a resolution.  Wish me luck.

Suggestions for (non-microwaveable) packed lunches welcome.


Meal plan w/c 8th Feb 2016

We’re all recovering from yet another cycle of colds/the flu.  Take outs were inevitable some days. But we seem to be doing ok generally with our meal plans.  

  • Monday – lamb curry, brown rice, cabbage stir fry 
  • Tuesday – salmon, puy lentils 
  • Wednesday – veggie fajitas 
  • Thursday – dhall, brown rice
  • Friday – leftovers…

Meal plan w/c 11th Jan 16

Last week’s meal plan was a success. I took leftovers to work. The downside was that I was really pushed for time to get dinner ready every evening and do bedtime routine for the Bear. I’ve tried bulk cooking at the weekends previously to free up time during the week, but this was rather time consuming at the weekend when I had very little energy and house-work had to be tackled too. #Conundrum.

We have plenty of salmon to get through in the freezer. Convenience took over good intentions, and I bought ready-made ratatouille from M&S earlier, three for £5. That would go really well with the salmon. I’ve also found some Tilda steamed brown rice on sale on Ocado, and have added them to my shopping basket. The salmon-brown rice-ratatouille should make for quick dinners this week, but not much in terms of leftovers and therefore no packed lunches. #CantWin.

  • Monday – salmon, ratatouille, spring greens
  • Tuesday – salmon, ratatouille, brown rice
  • Wednesday – chicken fajita, peppers, courgettes, mushrooms
  • Thursday – pasta, clams, chilli and tomato sauce
  • Friday – chips and ketchup!