Pandan tray bake

Pandan leaves are widely used in Souhtheast Asian cooking, both sweet and savoury. We always had plants growing, almost wildly in our garden, requiring minimal care.  

One of my favourite cakes is Pandan cake. I only developed a taste for it in the last few years. One of mum’s friends made the best Pandan cakes ever, often supplying us with freshly baked treats whenever we visited. 

Pandan leaves are available in oriental supermarkets in London.  Though nothing beats using freshly juiced Pandan for cakes, I’ve come to rely on bottled Pandan essence. 

I modified a Mary Berry recipe (lemon tray bake) for a Pandan version and it came out beautifully.
Omit the lemon zest, and ingredients for the glaze. Replace with 2tsp of Pandan essence, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 10g Dr Oetker lime green food gel, for flavour and colouring. Bake for 35 mins, 180 degrees Celsius.

Do try if you’re a fan of Pandan cakes. It’s a lovely taste of home and some of that homesickness and longing does go away, albeit temporarily.